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I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my life and the directions it has gone. After the fact, I can see that I have spent much of my life seeking acceptance and approval of others, despite my efforts to be independent.

Deep down, I am a social creature, but my life has taken me places where society refuses to join me. I have become separated from my family by class and education, the Church has largely rejected me for my beliefs and my standards, and most of my circles of friends cannot relate to anything but the part of my complex nature that relates to them. I have spent much of my time searching for a place where I fit in and have a purpose, a place where I don’t need to hold back certain parts of who I am.

Although I suppose I will continue to search for that place, the realization has occurred to me that there are others in the world who feel the same way. Those who try to escape through addictions, those who try to hide behind a Gothic mask, those who try endlessly to find a place of acceptance in the next friend, the next town, the next group – they are people like me. I’ve walked these roads long and often enough to recognize them…

All of this to say that for anyone walking this road who reads this blog and would like to have someone to walk with, I, Jabin Miller, would be honored to search for answers with you. I am far from solving the riddles of this life, but I can certainly walk with you, if you will contact me.

Until then, fare well, my friend.


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  1. Harold

    Funny how holidays makes people like us feel lonely? Ha. C.S. Lewis once said that if we find in ourselves nothing that this world can satisfy, it must mean that we were not made for here. We are lonely because we are sinners and nothing is going to fill that void unless we rest our hearts in God even when the lie that relationships can fill it seem so enticing. It’s tough my friend. I may not know exactly how you feel, but I empathize.

    • Jabin Miller

      Thanks for replying, Harold! Yes, this time of year seems to amplify it.

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