It’s As Simple As That

· Creativity

The greatest works of art are those to which we can relate in many, if not infinite, ways. What’s more, art needs no purpose or reason for being apart from that it simply is. We see a great sculpture, and we muse at it for hours without a single lesson learned. It just relates to us in its profoundly ambiguous way.

I recently came across such a profound work of verbal art. It had such definitive claim that it demanded my undivided attention, and the more I thought about the words, the more I realized how profound a statement it truly was. It was a masterpiece of one completely indefinite and ambiguous term that played the perfect compliment to another which was equally so. “That’s it!” I though to myself…

I soon began to think about That, exploring the infinite possibilities of what That could mean and how many profound things something like That could truly be. That could quite literally attribute anything to the subject It’s addressing. That means It could be anything from the most passing and insignificant thought to something of the greatest importance and influence in our lives. Yet even with That concept in mind, there is still such potential definitus in such a statement. That can truly mean It is anything, leaving the definition to It’s concept.

So with the infinite implications of what That could mean, I started exploring It’s possibilities in an attempt to understand That concept. Certainly since That is infinitely ambiguous with only the potential of defining It, It must be the key to discovering That truth. Thus, I began considering Its possibilities. Of course, It is also quite an enigma. Initially, It seems to point to something specific, as sort of a secondary reference to some proper form. As such a reference, It is a perfect “sink” for all That can possibly mean. Yet It is also definite because It points to That which it references. In such a way, I understood It was simply nothing more than That.

So as I mused upon these words, I realized That can be anything It wishes. And in a beautifully artistic symmetry of concept, It can be as simple as That. It certainly made That clear to me, and That is now how I understand It.

Such a beautiful concept…

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