Carpe Diem

· Creativity

I can no longer sleep soundly. I’ve lost much of my appetite. I find it difficult to concentrate on my work. That means one thing – It’s time for me to write.

Carpe diem ~ “Seize the day!” As I’ve reached the midpoint of my life expectancy, I’ve recently made an effort to just enjoy living my life rather than wasting it in waiting for something grand to happen. Much of my life, I’ve spent in waiting – searching – for something, someone to fill the void within me. Yet despite even my efforts to force that occurrence, I just wandered from place to place, person to person, rewriting the same story over and over again.

Then recently, I realized the vicious cycle into which I’d fallen. I decided it was time to break that cycle and enjoy the remainder of the life I’ve been given.

As part of that effort, I decided to expand upon one of my favorite recreations and commit myself to membership in a local ballroom dance society. At first, I had to make myself go. I knew no one. But I went once, then twice. I formed a small group of acquaintances, then friends.

I danced because I enjoyed dancing and because I enjoy socializing with others who share my passion. Perhaps that was all I ever needed to do…

I did not expect to meet someone there, but there she was, a beautiful, youthful, shy little moth sitting alone in the midst of the group of elderly folk. We danced and talked that evening, then again the next. Now I find myself thinking about her. A lot…

I don’t know what tomorrow will bring. I’m getting too old to second guess Fate. I’m getting too old to try to make something out of nothing. All I know is that I enjoy the time I spend with this little moth. Her smile calms the fire in my soul. Her eyes bring peace to my pain…

Plan for tomorrow. But remember to seize today.

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