Changing The World, Changing One Heart…

· Creativity

For much of my life, I’ve spent a great deal of effort trying to change the world around me. I’ve had some successes and some failures, but mostly I’ve realized that the world around me just doesn’t want to change. It just wants the rest of the world to take its own point of view. That can be very discouraging…

I’ve been reflecting lately about how much influence I’ve really had over the years. Debating, explaining, mentoring, teaching, preaching – All of these things, only to see those in whom I’ve invested so much do stupid and irresponsible things. I am not old, yet I feel so very old sometimes…

Changing the world can be very tiring. Perhaps I need to step back from the frontline. I need to invest in something – or someone – who I can say, “This life is better, happier, and I played a part in it.”
I think it’s time I reallocate my focus. It’s time I invest more in my Little Moth and less in an indifferent world. To her, I matter. The world is rotting in its own evil, and it’ll still be decaying long after I’m dead and gone. The arguments and battles will still be there waiting for engagement with the next revolutionary. I have no choice but to continue my struggle until the end, but in this possible future, perhaps she will choose to be there with me…

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