That’s How I Do It

· Personal Reflections

“How do you do it?” Arijit’s Indian accented words this afternoon ring in my head.

I don’t usually think much about the dangers of my job. I just do what needs to be done. Today, I performed an emergency mercury containment after a student broke a merc thermometer in a research lab sending a spray of liquid mercury and glass shards high and low. I just systematically contained it and told Arijit and his student to wrap up any projects they had going and to prepare for lockdown. They were both shaken by the accident. I didn’t realize how little it affected me until I was finished and submitting a report with Arijit. That’s when he asked me the question.

Honestly, none of us knows when our time will end. We make plans, we imagine a greater and grander future, but not one day – not one hour – is guaranteed to us. Yes, I work with things everyday that could end my life. Perhaps someday, one of them will.

After thinking about my talk with Arijit, I realize how much of life we waste reliving the past and worrying about the future. But what are we doing now? How are we living the life we take for granted at this moment? How do any of us do it?

I’m going to go dancing tonight. I’m going to hold a little girl in my arms, dance with her, and maybe take her out for dinner later. I’m going to look into her eyes, and I’m going to get lost in the life God has given me. That’s how I do it.

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