Renaissance Man

· Personal Reflections

It’s been a long while since I’ve blogged here in my reflections page. I guess I’d fallen into the rut of the mundane, but my life has taken some dramatic turns in the past few weeks. It seems to be both standing still and coming at me at blinding speed. I’m still somewhat in a bit of a shock from it all. As usual, I find my solace is in writing.

I don’t know the face in the mirror.

Who am I? What is my purpose?

These are questions that have long plagued me, questions to which I thought I’d found the answers. But now, like a river which has flooded beyond its banks, I find myself carving a new path into lands unknown to my mind yet somehow all too familiar to my soul. I am both saddened by the loss of the future I’ve long sought and excited for what new adventures await.

Though I feel as if I don’t recognize myself, I know that, deep down, I am as I always have been – a seeker of all Truth. I’m a renaissance man. Of that I can always be certain, and it will always lead me to the same ultimate goal, whatever path I may travel. It’s time I took my head out of books and theories so that I can find new Truth that is only revealed to those who live it. It’s time for an adventure.

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