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Originally Published January 7, 2013
My stance on Evolution Theory is a bit unusual. I’ve been exposed to it for many years, and I’ve studied it for much of that time. Unlike my evolutionist peers who readily attack my beliefs as “a product of an irrational or immature mind,” I credit Evolution Theory as a viable explanation for the scientific evidence we have – one of an infinite number of viable explanations.

Personally, I believe the theory is wrong for a number of reasons, but I credit it as scientifically viable nonetheless. So it isn’t often that I go on the offense against Evolution Theory, but today will be one of those times.

One significant problem that I have long held against Evolution Theory is the inordinate amount of research funds that goes into an idea which has never profited humanity or science in the slightest. Evolutionists often claim that their belief and science go hand-in-hand. The truth of the matter is that Evolution Theory cannot survive without science, whereas science could proceed perfectly as normal without the theory. Coupled with the fact that scientific finds are often biased, ignored, or falsified to accommodate the theory, it paints a picture of Evolution Theory as a parasite of sorts on science.

Perhaps it’s the pragmatist in me, but I believe that all the knowledge in the universe is pointless unless it is put to use for benefit. Over the years of my studies, a recurrent question continues to plague my reasoning against Evolution Theory –

What has Evolution Theory given back to humanity? How has it profited us?

Has it given us a cure for cancer? Has it provided a more efficient energy source? Has it given us new and improved technology? No.

Earlier today, George Takei republished via FaceBook a photo meme (shown above) showing advances in science that people had expected to be developed at this point but have not yet been. Takei posted the photo meme with the invitation to comment with what the readers would add to the list. He himself commented that he would add “replicator” to the list.

George Takei’s followers on Facebook are largely humanists who have often criticized non-evolutionist “morons” who can’t see the “truth” of evolution. Taken from the comments of this audience on this photo meme, I reviewed many of the vast number of responses. Admittedly, I did not review the 8k+ comments submitted as I write this, but from a sample taken from approximately one hour (several hundred comments), the summary of reader comments resulted in the following trend:

Transporters, 24%
Holodecks, 18%
Replicators, 8%
Jetpacks, 4%
Medical Tricorders, 4%
Phasers/Blasters, 3%
Starships, 3%

The remaining 35% was comprised of less than 3% of each of the following: extraterrestrial living; light speed travel; flying vehicles; aliens; time travel; world peace; android servants; cloaking; cybernetic implants; sonic screwdrivers (??); universal translators; paperless society; United Federation of Planets; lightsabers; antigravity boots; energy shields; moneyless society; the Force; universal acceptance; immortality; envirodome; good politicians; space modulators; and improvements in education, food, healthcare, general appliances, energy, communication technology, general society, and women’s bodies (?? I disagree, but it was in there).

So what was not included here? Not one person commented about finding solid, irrefutable evidence in support of Evolution Theory, even though this was a strongly evolution-believing audience.

The missing link is still missing, yet no one cares!

Perhaps it’s due to the widespread delusion that Evolution Theory is already irrefutably established as fact, which is not true. But one thing is certain – Each and every one of the things listed above can be accomplished by science apart from Evolution Theory. Why are we wasting the millions currently being used to fund and promote evolution research instead of starting to make some of these things happen?

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