Remembering Lili

· Creativity

Yes, I remember when I first saw you. You were a little girl, full of fantasies and curiosity and wonder. You were a child of Light in my dark world…

I remember the sparkle in your eyes, brightness that no diamond could capture. I remember your face as you dreamed of the possibilities of what might be. And then…

I remember when you first saw me. Fear giving way to interest, interest growing into intrigue, intrigue blossoming into desire. In weakness, you found great strength as I touched your face and beckoned you to come to me…

I remember when you waltzed with me. I remember as you joined me in that journey, your own dance blending into mine, bending and swaying to my lead. I remember when we frolicked down the halls like children, turning again to waltz once more…

I remember when you welcomed me to you. Fear… Reason… Anxiety… They were all consumed as the fire in your soul grew and hungered. I remember when I took you into my very being and made you one with me. The marriage of Light and Darkness, the completion of us as One.

I remember that day when the void within me was filled. I remember that day when my Phantom became real. I remember that day when you stepped into my heart…

I remember Lili.

Based upon the dancing dress waltz scene from Ridley Scott’s ‘Legend’:

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