Hormonally High Heels

· Personal Investigations

I’ve been doing a rather unusual informal attraction study of something that can catch my attention, even from a large distance, nearly every time. No, it isn’t miniskirts or flowing hair (though those things do catch my attention also). It isn’t even anything visual, so it usually flies under most people’s radar. It’s the sound of high heels.

I’ve loved the sound of high heels for as long as I can remember, but I didn’t realize until recently that many other men do, too. Working on a large college campus for several years has given me the opportunity to observe many women wearing high heels, as well as the reactions of those around them. What I’ve found is that the click – click – click of high heels serves as an auditory signal that women use to passively announce their presence. But based upon the responses of individuals, including myself, to the sound of a woman in high heels, there is much more packed into the announcement than simply ‘I’m here.’ Most men love it. Many women love wearing noisy heels themselves, as well as receiving the attention they draw, but are annoyed at the sound of another woman’s heels, which indicates sexual competition.

Years ago, when I first started becoming interested in women, my mother told me that how a woman walks and moves tells a great deal about her sexuality. I didn’t really know what she meant at the time, but as it turns out, she was right. According to a recent NIH study (please note, the linked article is professional but explicit), a woman’s gait is indicative of her sexuality and experience, with her gait changing from fast, tight, and rigid to becoming slower, more deliberate, and more fluid as her experience increases. Another article from Psychology Today describes a recent study that concluded a woman’s gait changes (along with many other things about her) when she is ovulating, a clear but subtle advertisement that she is in estrus.

It makes sense, then, why a woman’s gait is interesting to men. Observing how she moves is a non-verbal way to evaluate her potential as a mate. Visually, high heels enhance the appearance of her feet, legs, hips, and movements, but why does the sound of high heels grab men’s attention? I believe it has to do with an enrichment of experience. Physical experience is a result of sensational stimuli. Thus, the more of our senses that are stimulated, the more enhanced and ‘real’ the experience becomes. Deeper layers and dimensions of sensation bring an experience from the distant to the up-close and personal. Auditory sensations are a powerful but often overlooked element of attraction between men and women, and the sound of high heels adds an entirely different dimension of reality to the presence of a woman, in addition to providing the aforementioned subconscious clues about her. I can say from personal experience that hearing the click – click – click ALWAYS catches my curiosity, but when accompanied by the synchronized visual movements and sways of hips and legs, it becomes all ‘butt’ irresistible. High heels can make even an average woman dressed in a T-shirt and jeans incredibly sexy just by the sound of her walk.

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