Five Dating Questions That Single Guys Think About (That Our Fathers Didn’t)

· Personal Reflections

Every generation has it’s unique challenges in the topic of dating and marriage, and mine is no different. While obviously touching some controversial nerves, these are some very real and challenging questions I face when I meet a new girl I’m interested in, though some of these can inversely apply to single girls, too. In some ways, these are funny. In others, they’re sad. Shall we take a look?

Is this woman really a woman?

Honestly, how do you know? Between cross dressers and transgenders, any ‘girl’ I encounter these days has a reasonable probability of having an active Y chromosome (which in scientific terms, is by definition a male) or surgically altered ‘equipment.’ It isn’t exactly something that you can find out in the first 5 minutes, either… unless you’re Crocodile Dundee.

Is this woman going to abort my child without asking if I want it?

Think about it. In today’s culture, the father of an unborn baby has no say in whether it lives or dies. I’ve wanted a child for many years, and even if a woman left me, I’d gladly care for a child on my own. How heartbreaking it would be if she wouldn’t even give me that option.

Is this woman going to leave me for another woman?

It sort of gives a whole new perspective on ‘girls’ night out.’ Should I be concerned that she spends so much of her time with her female friends and coworkers?

Is this woman going to freak out if I bring her a drink?

You’d think something as simple as bringing a girl a snack or beverage wouldn’t be a problem, right? Wrong. A lot of girls refuse (justifiably) to accept food or drinks from men because of rape drugs. Many of those who do accept usually do so with great reluctance and anxiety. But doesn’t it make me look like a real jerk when I let a girl get her own drink?

Is this woman going to go feminazi on me if I open the door for her?

It’s usually pretty easy to tell if a girl is a feminazi after a few minutes of conversation. But just prior to that conversation is usually a car door, a restaurant door, and a table chair. Do I open the doors for her and help her be seated? Or do I make a really bad impression on a first date by not being a gentleman?

So what do you think? Are there any other challenging questions that readers would like to share? Feel free to leave civil comments.

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