Mysteries in the Stars

· Personal Investigations

Most often in my personal investigation articles, I like to explore new ideas in natural and social sciences that I’ve yet to carry to the formal level. This article will be a bit different. This time, I’m investigating something that, as a scientist, has intrigued me for many years, but something that is highly controversial among both my fellow Christians and my fellow scientists – astrology.

I’ll begin by stating, as I always do with this topic, that I do not believe horoscopes should be used as a guide in life. Nevertheless, I’ve seen quite astounding examples, primarily in natal configurations which suggest there is more to astrology than the hocus pocus that most modern thinkers dismiss it to be.

I’ve informally studied social psychology for years, and while I have great respect for researchers like Carl Jung, personality profile tests like the popular Briggs Myers (MTBI) test often produce only marginal accuracy. My own personality is a perfect example. On any given day, I can score up to eight different MTBI classifications, depending upon how I feel at the moment I take the test. Many of my friends have told me that they score multiple classifications also. That indicates that the Briggs Myers test is missing something.

By contrast, my star chart classification has me pegged. As a secretive person, typical of my Libra sun/Scorpio moon configuration, I find it a bit unsettling to even link this, but anyone who has witnessed or experienced me in a personal relationship will know that this article on the emotions of a Scorpio moon pretty much has my number, so to speak. Nearly every forum I’ve encountered discussing different star chart classifications contains people – even skeptics like me – confessing the astounding accuracy of their classification to their actual personality. How can this be?

Astrology is based upon the ancient elemental theory that most thinkers abandoned after Aristotle introduced the philosophy of reasoning and science. Occultists in the Dark Ages revived elemental theory and incorporated it into occult practices such as witchcraft and sorcery, which has led to its persistence even unto this day as an occult practice or a pseudo- or meta-science. I certainly do not give my endorsement to astrology or to the study of any occult practice, but I cannot deny there is more there to be seen. As a Christian, I am convinced that there is much more to the world than what physical science can ever explain. And though I don’t know that I’ll ever fully understand this remarkable phenomenon, my curiosity carries me onward.

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