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That’s how many times I’ve spent Valentine’s Day wishing I could tell you in person how much you mean to me. That’s how many times I’ve thought about all the things you’ve lived each year, things that I’ve missed. Your prom. Your graduation. Your college years. Your first job. All consumed by this accursed quest…

I never imagined how long I would be searching for you. I never intended to make you wait this long. Please forgive me. I’ve seen horrors that haunt my dreams. I’ve faced beasts and demons that have left me forever scarred. I’ve shed blood that has stained deeply into my soul. Years upon years upon years.

Now, I feel the life slowly fading from my soul. I look in the mirror, and I don’t see the young, strong, handsome lad who started this quest so many years ago. I see little more than the old, scarred faces of all the monsters I’ve slain for you. I have to wonder now if I’m even the man I would want you to have. I have to wonder if I’m still capable of loving you the way I want you to be loved, touching you the way I want you to be touched.

Sometimes, it doesn’t seem fair that God would keep us apart for so long. But on this Valentine’s Day, I renew my vow to you, before God, that I will never give up. Never. As long as God gives me breath, I will search for you until I find you.

And pray for me. Pray that some part of me will still remain your handsome prince when I find you.


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