Do Guys Like Girls With Pale Skin?

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‘My skin is so pale you can see my veins, even in my breasts a bit. I’m 18, a virgin, so I was just wondering is that a turn off for guys?’

I recently ran across a girl asking this question on a forum, so I thought I’d do a short blog about it. The short answer is this: YES!!! Guys like pale skin! Some guys don’t, but many do. Over the years, I’ve learned that girls are far more critical of themselves and of each other than guys are of them. And I’m convinced that there are guys who will think just about anything normal on a girl is beautiful. I happen to be one who thinks pale skin on a girl is beautiful, and I love skin that is delicate enough to show veins. I’m often disappointed when the pale skinned girls among my friends and family try to change or cover their skin by tanning or with makeup, and I try to encourage them to embrace the beauty of pale skin. And as summer approaches, I’ll encourage my pale female readers in the same way. Pale skin is a different kind of beauty, and that beauty requires different treatment than that of the cliché tanned beach babe.

Don’t try to tan

Tanned skin is a result of melanin buildup as a reaction to exposure to ultraviolet light. In average skin, melanin accumulates evenly, resulting in the typical tan that too many girls desire. In pale skin, however, melanin accumulates in small patches, forming freckles. That’s why pale skinned people have the ‘burn and peel’ problem and can never seem to get a tan. Pale skin reacts to UV by forming freckles, and greater exposure to UV isn’t going to change that. Incidentally, it will however greatly increase the risk of skin cancer formation in a skin type that’s already at high risk. Some girls get limited success with spray tans (which is actually a stain), but getting the right color can be challenging. Why go to all that trouble just to look like another of the thousand other tanned girls around you?

The delicacy of pale skin

I can only speak for myself, but I believe the reason I like pale skin is because I like feminine, delicate women, and my attraction for delicate skin just naturally follows. I use the term delicate to suggest some ways in which girls with pale skin can enhance their beauty rather than trying to find ways to cover it up. While trying to make pale skin behave like average skin can be a huge turn off, working that ‘delicate’ angle can be very attractive to us guys.

It’s sort of like long hair. Long hair usually takes a great deal of time and work to be healthy. It takes dedication and even a few sacrifices. Many girls go to that effort because healthy long hair is beautiful and very attractive. Granted, having long hair is a choice, whereas having pale skin isn’t. But to a guy like me, a girl nurturing and caring for her pale skin can be just as attractive as nurturing her long hair.

Some ideas for fashion and accessories

For the pale skinned girls who do or would like to embrace their delicate skin, I can offer a couple of observations that I, as a guy, have found very attractive over the years.

Your skin is beautiful as it is. Think of your pale skin as a beautiful high key painting. You don’t need to hide it. I find girls who confidently wear and expose some – but not too much – pale skin to be intriguing. A low cut V-neck, a bare midriff, or a short skirt with bare legs can be intoxicatingly beautiful. Be confident in that beauty, just as you would be confident with a head of natural, loose hair.

Protecting your skin can be a fashion statement. Once a popular and trendy accessory among European women (and still so among Asian women), the parasol is a charming way for pale girls to protect their skin when out in the sunlight. They come in many styles, and prices range from under $10US upward. This lace Batternburg parasol currently sells on Amazon for just under $40 and is great for many different styles. No, you don’t see them every day in America. But maybe that should change.

Protect your skin while on the beach. The beach is probably the pale girl’s biggest fear, and it’s common to hear both girls and guys laugh at and criticize a pale girl if she’s exposed on the beach. Worse, after a few minutes exposure to sunlight, she gets sunburned and red in addition to being pale. The answer is to simply keep your skin covered when the sun is high. I don’t mean you can’t wear sexy bikinis or show your skin. I mean use accessories like a parasol or a lace coverup while the sun is high. It’ll protect your skin from the sun, and it’ll keep people from criticizing you as much. Never sunbathe when the sun is high. (That could be said to anyone.) Instead, choose to lose the coverup and lay out near sunrise or sunset. Sunlight during these times is much more gentle on the skin.

Remember that your skin is special. Remember that it’s beautiful. Caring for pale skin is more work than caring for average skin, but to the girls who make that effort, know this – many of us guys will notice you when tanned girls fail to get our attention.


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  1. Blue Bird

    Thank you very much for encouraging women to imbrace their beauty and to cultivate their uniqueness , I couldn’t agree more.

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