· Personal Reflections

It’s known by many names: The Will of God, Providence, Destiny, Karma… It’s that Great River that sweeps us all along to a greater purpose, an end that we do not know with certainty. I’ve been thinking a lot about Fate recently. We like to think that we have some measure of control over our lives, our choices. It makes us feel safe about our futures. It gives us the illusion that we are more than what we are. Most do not consider it because Fate also guides the inclinations, understanding, and natural tendencies. We feel that our decisions are our own because we choose according to our own understanding of what is right and good and best, never considering that our meager understanding is a slave to Fate.

What happens to the mind that chooses apart from Fate? These are indeed rare individuals whose minds are capable of thinking for themselves. Though it’s a rare trait, I’m not all together certain it is a good trait. These individuals are cursed to see the reality of Fate’s bondage while being helpless to escape it. Try as they may to grasp the shoreline, or to swim against the current, or to call for help, the River sweeps them ever onward toward a place they do not choose.

Despite the will, there stands the cold, unyielding reality that things will never change. Where one would choose to go left, the River takes him right. Where one would seek a fellow companion of a different path, the River tears him away, only to replace him with another from his own. Where one would hope for a great future in a certain Way, the River diverts his path that he may not hope again. That is the destiny of such a mind.

So onward it goes, this Great River, ever flowing, unchanging, all powerful. Perhaps it is better to not be too wise. Perhaps it is better to not dream of what may come or what could have been. Perhaps it is better to just yield to the flow, to be in harmony in that place where we are.

Alas, for some, that is not possible.

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