Tidbits Of Insanity

· Creativity, Personal Reflections

Just some mixed, random things I’ve been thinking about lately.

Fate And Opportunity
What if everyone who enters our life is meant to be something? What if we miss that opportunity?
The person who we passed by silently in the store isle might have been our best friend, husband, or wife. We’ll never know.

The Forest For The Trees
Guys think about the day they will find their princesses; a few wonder if they will discount or overlook them without giving them a chance.
Girls think about the day their princes will find them; a few wonder if they will blow them off without giving them a chance.

Today’s Young Adults and the Ambition of Amusement:
So what are your ambitions?
Man, I want to do something great. You know, change the world for the better.
What did you do last night?
Haha I was chillin with friends. It was awesome.
What did you accomplish by doing that?
Man, we made connections. You know? Real connections.
And how did those connections get you closer to your goal of changing the world?
Good point. I need to get a part time job and save some money so I can visit the seven wonders of the world. Gotta live it!

90% of Christian women’s online dating profiles:
[down-blouse profile picture]
I love Jesus, friends, parties, beer, and tattoos.
Never married. Single mother of six wonderful babies.
Only interested in real men who are ready to commit and who know how to treat a lady.

Handing Choice To Circumstance
For anything great, we must work, build, and maintain. Without this work, natural tendency is to fall into chaos and decay. Fate is not our enemy; for who can say what is the mind of Fate, whether He will tear down or build up? But to passively fall victim to circumstance is to fall victim to chaos and decay.
There was once a boy named Severus and a girl named Lily. They were perfect for each other, with a special and beautiful love that blossomed between them. But circumstance separated them and placed Lily with an immature bully who never really amounted to anything great. She yielded to circumstance, she gave in to what was easy, she let natural tendency decide her path, and what could have been legendary love between her and one of the greatest men of the age was decayed into the mundane and the ordinary.

I wonder how much longer humanity can survive?

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