Would you die for the one you love?

· Creativity, Personal Reflections

Life and circumstance has stirred something within me, something from my past. No, it isn’t a regret or a phantom as is most often the case. It is a memory. A memory of a dream I had long ago.

I have spent so long trying to be a part of a world alien to me. I have searched for you in places these people value, in ways where they travel. It is such a dead place, devoid of passion, richness, and meaning. They are consumed with the petty trifles that they use to convince themselves that they’re alive. Tiny things. Insignificant things.

Now, my dream is returning to me. The memory of the life and passion that once coursed through my veins. It isn’t enough, this world, this dead world. It’s time. It’s time.

Yes, I would die for you. But before that time comes, I will live for you. I will go wherever I must. I will face whatever daemons come before me. And whatever comes, I will carry with me hope, the hope that dreams come true.

It is the hope that you will be with me in that place.

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