They say a man who represents himself has a fool for a client. Well with God as my witness, I am that fool! – Raul Julia, ‘The Addams Family’


Well, I guess that’s my cue. I never like writing these blurbs about myself when there are much more interesting topics to write about. But since I’m joining the 21st century by beginning a public blog, I feel that I should say a few things about myself so that readers know a bit of my background. My interests have always been extensive, and when I was in college, I often told people I was majoring as a Renaissance Man with a minor in chemistry. But my background can be broadly divided into three main areas of my life and interests: Theology, Science, and Philosophy.

My theological background is Protestant Christian. I’m not big on denominations – not, as many others, because I cannot commit or because I don’t want to argue, but because I believe that Church denominations are an invention of men which were never intended by God to exist. I believe the Bible is the complete and inerrant Word of God, I believe that Jesus of Nazareth was (and is) the Holy Son of God and Christ who was promised as Savior of the World, and I believe that redemption through the Blood of Christ is the only way to true life and enlightenment. And if anyone, from any denomination or church background, believes the same way, he/she is my brother/sister. Period.

Professionally, I am a scientist. I currently hold a Bachelor’s of Science in biochemistry, and I’m working toward my doctorate in pharmacology. Specifically, I’m a natural products chemist for the development of medical applications with emphasis in antibiotic development. That’s a mouth full to say that I find and develop natural compounds (from plants, etc.) that can be used as medicine. I have a number of undergraduate achievements, including a great deal of biochemical research, publication of that research, and public presentation of that research. I also hold a number of distinctions and honors from my undergraduate institution and from various other institutions in chemistry, medicine, and science.

Philosophy has become a hobby of mine since I was introduced to it in my undergraduate studies. It fascinates me because it is a study of the fundamentals and principles upon which everything else is based, including theology and science. A deep needing to understand has always been a part of my person – I was the child who, rather than playing with new toys when he got them for Christmas, went to a secluded corner and started taking them apart to see how they worked. I’ve never stopped doing that sort of thing (not with toys, of course haha). Philosophy is nothing more than the study of how the human mind and rationale works, and it became quite a fascination to me in college. Now anyone who is familiar with philosophy will know that there are just about as many schools of philosophical thought as there are schools of religious thought. My particular school of philosophical thought is a bit unique, or so my teachers told me. Although I don’t agree entirely with any of them, I pull a great deal of influence from Aristotle, De Carte, Thomas Aquinas, and Immanuel Kant. My complete theories are far too extensive for this blurb, but essentially, I am considered a ‘virtue ethicist’ from a Christian perspective. That is to say that I believe that Truth is a universal absolute and independent force in existence and that harmony with that Truth constitutes the virtues which distinguish a ‘right or wrong’ action. And I believe that universal Truth has a personality and a name – God.

One question that always comes up at this point is this: So if you’re a Christian and a Scientist, what are your thoughts on Evolution and Creationism? Well simply put, I’m a Creationist, and I’ve taken a lot of heat among my peers for it (even though none have ever succeeded in defeating my logic for it). Furthermore, I am a ‘Young-Earth Creationist,’ which is to say that I believe in a 6 day Creation, as written in the Book of Genesis. I have come to this belief not by ‘brainwashing indoctrinations’ but through a great deal of study and personal thought. I’ve studied Evolution Theory objectively and extensively (more than most Evolutionists I know), as well as a number of other theories of origins, and I’ve come to the realization that all theories of origins rely on the same elements of belief and faith and that it simply is a matter of choice. I choose to believe an account that was written many millennia before I came on the scene, an account which I believe to be inspired by a Being greater than any historian or scientist, who created mankind and reached out to that creation so that we could know Him. I believe that this God is the essence of Truth itself, the Truth which is the topic of most of my writings and discussions. I seek to understand – everything.

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