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I Know

You no longer suffer with the questions of my intent in your mind. There is now only the taste of excitement and panic. Will you bear your heart to me as I have borne mine to you? Advertisements

When I Saw You…

When I touched your hand… When I heard your laughter… Were you really there? Or did I imagine you?

Why Won’t He Ask Me Out?

I’ve written on this topic before – Girls from mid-20’s to mid-30’s barrage the singles forums daily with the question of why guys aren’t asking them out. It’s a complex problem that involves issues from both genders, but this evening, I’m going to discuss some of the problems with the girls. I’ve been flirting with […]

Whispers Through Time

Perhaps it’s our destiny. Perhaps our comfort must be the small things, The whispers that tell us The other is just on the other side, Through the veil of time or space To cling to the small thought That perhaps – just perhaps – You sat here Perhaps yesterday, or perhaps tomorrow To think that […]

She is…

She is Strength She is Courage She is Beauty She is Cunning She is Daring She is Love She is Protection She is Charm She is Enchantment She is Fantasy She is Compassion She is Dignity She is Jealousy She is Rage She is Possession She is Pride She is Seduction She is Lust She […]

Little Moth

Lost in a world of words and wonder, I saw her, and she saw me ~ a tree ‘Neath scarlet leaves, green starlight in Dark pools, she lay in my arms, Ever reaching out, into the darkness, Now knowing the sweet poison of love.

So You’re Interested In An Older Man?

‘Is it wrong to be attracted to much older men?’ Since the beginning of this year, I’ve seen this question asked many dozens of times in the singles forums I frequent. Young women – many of them still teenagers – are coming forward with interest in guys 5, 10, even 20 years older. One 20 […]

Black and Red

These are the colors that have scarcely left my mind these past three days. These are the colors I found hiding in the shadows. These are the colors that trembled in my arms as we waltzed around the ballroom. These are the colors that matched my steps in beautiful harmony. These are the colors that […]


What is knowledge? True knowledge? Those who know me or follow my articles know that I have a deep passion for knowledge and understanding. Some particularly difficult questions have been with me for many years. One of those questions is this: How can two individuals look at the same object or bit of evidence and […]

Capsule Of Dreams

Time capsules. You know what I’m talking about. Those things in your social media that recall what you said, did, or posted on that day in years past. I see them every day when my friends post them, recalling fun times, past friends, marriages, etc. I rarely post mine. Why? Because more often than not, […]