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I Know

You no longer suffer with the questions of my intent in your mind. There is now only the taste of excitement and panic. Will you bear your heart to me as I have borne mine to you? Advertisements

When I Saw You…

When I touched your hand… When I heard your laughter… Were you really there? Or did I imagine you?

Whispers Through Time

Perhaps it’s our destiny. Perhaps our comfort must be the small things, The whispers that tell us The other is just on the other side, Through the veil of time or space To cling to the small thought That perhaps – just perhaps – You sat here Perhaps yesterday, or perhaps tomorrow To think that […]

She is…

She is Strength She is Courage She is Beauty She is Cunning She is Daring She is Love She is Protection She is Charm She is Enchantment She is Fantasy She is Compassion She is Dignity She is Jealousy She is Rage She is Possession She is Pride She is Seduction She is Lust She […]

Little Moth

Lost in a world of words and wonder, I saw her, and she saw me ~ a tree ‘Neath scarlet leaves, green starlight in Dark pools, she lay in my arms, Ever reaching out, into the darkness, Now knowing the sweet poison of love.

Black and Red

These are the colors that have scarcely left my mind these past three days. These are the colors I found hiding in the shadows. These are the colors that trembled in my arms as we waltzed around the ballroom. These are the colors that matched my steps in beautiful harmony. These are the colors that […]

Girls Q&A: How can a ‘nice girl’ become a desirable woman?

There it is. Breaking the ‘nice girl’ image. This topic came up in one of my discussions a while back, and though I haven’t heard a lot of girls voice it outright, I know it’s a big issue with many. Of course, they could just go out and get laid and get some ‘experience,’ but […]

Would you die for the one you love?

Life and circumstance has stirred something within me, something from my past. No, it isn’t a regret or a phantom as is most often the case. It is a memory. A memory of a dream I had long ago. I have spent so long trying to be a part of a world alien to me. […]

A Picture Of You…

That’s all I have. That’s all I’ve ever had. A picture in my mind. What is it like to love someone you’ve never met? It’s like when you have a picture of someone you love with all your heart. It’s like when you look at that image and imagine that they’re really there with you. […]

Little Mouse

Why do you haunt me this Autumn night? Taking my thoughts, blinding my sight? The day I spent with you has long since died… I spoke to you softly, but you refused me. I showed you the truth, but you would not see. The voices that shelter you condemned you to me. They said you […]

If it looks like a dog…

‘NO!!! I won’t go to your depraved, demonic, Satan-worshipping Halloween party! People hiding behind masks?! Acting up?! Poisoning children with sweets?! PUMPKINS???!’ ‘We don’t call it “Halloween.”‘ ‘And?’ ‘We gave it a Christian theme.’ ‘…’ ‘When is it?’ ‘The last night of October, starting at dusk.’ ‘Will there be people dressed up in costume?’ ‘Yes.’ […]

When Things Were Simple

Time passes, people move…. Like a river’s flow, it never ends… A childish mind will turn to noble ambition… Young love will become deep affection… The clear water’s surface reflects growth… – Sheik, ‘Ocarina of Time’ I remember when we were still young. Time was young, like a new adventure waiting to be explored. What […]

It’s Like…

… sifting through sand. I sit here tonight under a stormy sky, watching the lightning in the distance and thinking about you. And thinking about my search for you. I have found many good women in the world, but I still search only for you, my gem in a sea of sand. May these storms […]

Once In A Lifetime

They say this is a once in a lifetime moon – the Strawberry Moon falling on Litha. I wonder if such an event has drawn you from the shadows. I wonder if we shared a few moments tonight gazing at her together. So many of these once in a lifetime events have come and gone. […]

Mad world

Did you know Sharing what your Orc name is or which one of Ollivander’s wands you are on social media will make you more popular than sharing things about your real life? Did you know Being cold and distant from a girl will make her want to date you while opening up and showing genuine […]

Tidbits Of Insanity

Just some mixed, random things I’ve been thinking about lately. — Fate And Opportunity What if everyone who enters our life is meant to be something? What if we miss that opportunity? The person who we passed by silently in the store isle might have been our best friend, husband, or wife. We’ll never know. […]


Sometimes, I see things as they are not. Sometimes, I see a field of green when you marvel at the beautiful red flowers. Sometimes, I see an empty sky when you take in an awesome sunset. Sometimes, I see a world that isn’t real. Sometimes, I see tears when you wear a radiant smile. Sometimes, […]

Snow Queen

My name. That’s all she said. That’s all she had to say. Words that came from her heart. Words rich with love. Words moist with tears… Those words were in her eyes. Those big, beautiful eyes. They looked at me. They saw past the mask. For a moment, I knew what it was like to […]


That’s how many times I’ve spent Valentine’s Day wishing I could tell you in person how much you mean to me. That’s how many times I’ve thought about all the things you’ve lived each year, things that I’ve missed. Your prom. Your graduation. Your college years. Your first job. All consumed by this accursed quest… […]

Remembering Lili

Yes, I remember when I first saw you. You were a little girl, full of fantasies and curiosity and wonder. You were a child of Light in my dark world…

Jack of Diamonds

I dreamed it was over. I dreamed it was finally over. She was there before me, A Lady out of time – Plaits, and pearls, and a princess blouse.

Shy Violet

And there she sits, a walled flower, hoping no one will notice, but praying they do. What is it like, Shy Violet? What is the night like through your eyes?

To The Lady In The Mist

I sit here, gazing into the darkness of the night sky as a cloud tumbles overhead in the wind. In it, I see light reflected from below, here on the surface, and I wonder what lights are shining into this mist. I wonder what faces might gaze into it, as does mine, and I wonder […]

Autumn, in Another’s Eyes

First frost, the dawn of Summer’s apprehension. Cold breeze, Luna’s embrace, her kisses dancing on my lips. Darkness, a playground for all things unseen. The welling of my very soul to burst forth, as the earth yet in the womb, to dance in the silence as the world prepares to into Winter’s sleep.