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Tattoos: Badge or Brand?

Tattoos are everywhere these days. Some data1 suggests that as many as 38% of Americans have some type of permanent tattooing, and that number is growing rapidly. Love them or hate them, tattoos almost always elicit some type of strong response in viewers. They send a silent message to those around us. But the question […]

Marijuana: Is it safe?

Originally Published June 5, 2013 Weed, pot, mj – whatever you want to call it, marijuana (Cannabis sp.) is in the news a lot these days. Legalization, prohibition, medical use, ethics, and many other facets are brought into the equation of whether or not the US should allow people to use marijuana freely. As a […]

Is Easter Pagan or Christian?

Originally Published March 29, 2013 Ah, Easter. Colored eggs, baskets of candy, fuzzy bunnies, the Messiah resurrecting from the dead… Wait. WHAT? Most of us in Western culture have memories of egg hunts, easter baskets, and the Easter Bunny. Even among Christians, churches commonly hold community egg hunts with little munchkins dressed in adorable bunny […]

Firearms Crime in the US

Originally Published February 4, 2013 During my browsing of internet news, I’ve been seeing a lot of graphical analyses of data which show the United States as insanely high for criminal activity involving firearms.

Man vs The Pill

Notice: This article discusses a topic which may be uncomfortable to some of my readers. What is an alpha male? Alpha males are males that are dominant over other males as well as females. They’re the ones who lead and protect their packs, prides, etc. For humans, alpha men are the ones who take charge […]