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Why Won’t He Ask Me Out?

I’ve written on this topic before – Girls from mid-20’s to mid-30’s barrage the singles forums daily with the question of why guys aren’t asking them out. It’s a complex problem that involves issues from both genders, but this evening, I’m going to discuss some of the problems with the girls. I’ve been flirting with […]

So You’re Interested In An Older Man?

‘Is it wrong to be attracted to much older men?’ Since the beginning of this year, I’ve seen this question asked many dozens of times in the singles forums I frequent. Young women – many of them still teenagers – are coming forward with interest in guys 5, 10, even 20 years older. One 20 […]

Girls Q&A: How can a ‘nice girl’ become a desirable woman?

There it is. Breaking the ‘nice girl’ image. This topic came up in one of my discussions a while back, and though I haven’t heard a lot of girls voice it outright, I know it’s a big issue with many. Of course, they could just go out and get laid and get some ‘experience,’ but […]

Girls Q&A: Why Won’t He…

… approach me? chase me? pursue me? marry me? These questions are an everyday occurrence in the singles forums where I participate. I’ve answered quite a few of them in the forums, but I’ve come to realize that it’s a lot bigger issue than just in the forums.

The Fear of Rejection VS the Experience of Rejection

I hadn’t really thought about the distinction between the fear and the actual experience of a girl’s rejection until someone brought it up in a singles discussion. The truth is, they’re both very difficult and very powerful challenges, but they’re very different from each other. I’ve experienced both, so I can give a fairly detailed […]

Girls Q&A: Does playing hard to get work?

I have to admit I have a lot of respect for the girl that asked this question online. Most girls who are inclined to play hard to get don’t question whether it actually works. Rather, they just do it assuming that it does. So does it really work with guys? Well, the answer is both […]

Girls Q&A: What qualities in a girl make her different from the rest?

Earlier today, a girl asked this question on a singles forum, and I decided it would make a good topic for an article. The truth is, it’s a bit of an ironic question. Girls, just like everyone, are unique individuals with a unique blend of qualities that make each one special. That’s sort of the […]

My I Take Your Order?

Over the years, I’ve spent a great deal of effort learning how to tactfully meet women and interact with them. I’ve joined groups, taken up interesting hobbies, and spent countless hours observing and studying how women communicate in order to interact with them effectively. In many ways, I’ve been successful, as I meet more women […]

The Denied Prayer

When I was a teenager, my life changed. I’d been a born again Christian since about age 10, but when I was 16, I rededicated my life, and in many ways, my faith became my own rather than the result of my upbringing and environment. Like many young Christians who are impatient for the spiritual […]

The Unnamed Doctrine

I’ve been trying to find a good way to approach this topic for several months, writing and trashing several drafts before finally settling on this one. Much of my delay has been due to the recent and widespread criticism of the Duggar scandals. I didn’t wish to be perceived as just another wolf pouncing on […]

Christians, Politics, and the Moral Dignity of Giving Up

I rarely post articles about politics because of the divisive nature of the topic. But after Sen. Ted Cruz suspended his campaign for the Republican presidential nomination a day or so ago, I’ve seen somewhat of a crisis happening in the Christian community as to how they will vote in November. Everyone has his/her own […]

Gentleman’s Etiquette (according to moi)

I was raised in a family where being a gentleman was just a given. We guys were taught from childhood to do certain things in certain situations, and that’s just the way it was. After I left home, I quickly realized that gentlemanly behavior is unfortunately not at all the norm for my generation. Now […]

Creational Bonding In Romance

What does it take to make a bond in a romantic relationship? I’ve been seriously investigating that question for the past couple of weeks, and it seems there are as many answers to it as there are people answering it. So rather than just listening to opinions about what people think, I’ve spent some time […]

Dating in the Digital Age

I’ve had an interesting journey as a single. When I was young and first became interested in the world of relationships, we were still in the late ’80’s. I remember writing little notes and leaving secret gifts for girls in church I had crushes on. It was necessary at the time because my time around […]

Do Guys Like Girls With Pale Skin?

‘My skin is so pale you can see my veins, even in my breasts a bit. I’m 18, a virgin, so I was just wondering is that a turn off for guys?’ I recently ran across a girl asking this question on a forum, so I thought I’d do a short blog about it. The […]

Christian Sexuality And Natural Law

Notice To Readers: This article contains material which some readers may find uncomfortable to read. Some may even consider it to be heresy. When I was young, one of the first glimpses I had into the world of sexuality was when I picked up my Bible and found a book called ‘Song of Solomon.’ I […]

How To Be Romantic With A Girl

Ah, romance. It’s something that dances around in many of our dreams, but that’s usually where it stays. Over the years, I’ve seen a resurgence of interest in gender role relationships, and things like chivalry are becoming cool again. But for some reason, I’ve not seen much in the way of romance. Often, the term […]

Taking the Lead

What does it mean to take the lead in a relationship? After a couple decades of poor male social stereotyping producing a generation or two of guys who are too subdued to actively and aggressively pursue women, there now seems to be a swing in the reverse, with guys stepping up and taking the lead […]

Mysteries in the Stars

Most often in my personal investigation articles, I like to explore new ideas in natural and social sciences that I’ve yet to carry to the formal level. This article will be a bit different. This time, I’m investigating something that, as a scientist, has intrigued me for many years, but something that is highly controversial […]

The Chosen One

Rowling has Harry Potter. Tolkien has Bilbo and Frodo Baggins. Lucas has Anakin Skywalker. They’re everywhere in SciFi and Fantasy. They’re characters that become legends because of nothing more than destiny. They’re ‘chosen one’ characters. While I don’t deny that well constructed chosen one characters are very successful (obviously), I’ve been trying to develop a […]

Hormonally High Heels

I’ve been doing a rather unusual informal attraction study of something that can catch my attention, even from a large distance, nearly every time. No, it isn’t miniskirts or flowing hair (though those things do catch my attention also). It isn’t even anything visual, so it usually flies under most people’s radar. It’s the sound […]

A Review of Home Schooling – From A Home Schooled Student

Yes, I was homeschooled 1st – 12th grade, and as most other homeschooled students during the 80’s, I hated it. It was weird. It was backward. It was antisocial. After I graduated high school and entered the real world, however, I realized my education was much stronger than I’d thought.


‘I just want to be friends.’ It’s something that most everyone who has liked someone has heard. It’s that dreaded place of confusion, awkwardness, and heartache. It’s that place that has been the topic of hours of discussion and debate among singles. It’s the friendzone! Some say it’s a good thing, some say it’s a […]