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What is knowledge? True knowledge? Those who know me or follow my articles know that I have a deep passion for knowledge and understanding. Some particularly difficult questions have been with me for many years. One of those questions is this: How can two individuals look at the same object or bit of evidence and […]

Capsule Of Dreams

Time capsules. You know what I’m talking about. Those things in your social media that recall what you said, did, or posted on that day in years past. I see them every day when my friends post them, recalling fun times, past friends, marriages, etc. I rarely post mine. Why? Because more often than not, […]

Would you die for the one you love?

Life and circumstance has stirred something within me, something from my past. No, it isn’t a regret or a phantom as is most often the case. It is a memory. A memory of a dream I had long ago. I have spent so long trying to be a part of a world alien to me. […]

Musings At Lunchtime

I was eating lunch at CFA earlier today when an older couple came in with an adorable little girl about 4 years old, their granddaughter. While her grands were in line at the register, this little girl took the initiative to get a height chair, take it to the table next to mine, and then […]


Sometimes, I go through times when memories like to revisit me. Often, those memories are unresolved scars from my past, and they usually are not kind. But once in a while, I recall something pleasant that I’ve lost somewhere in the chaos of life. Such was the case this evening. I went out for an […]

To Live The Life Of Another

This evening as I sat at the park watching the sunset and reflecting upon some things as I often do, I saw something that I’ve seen many times before, something that troubles me. On a bench near where I was sitting, two girls were seated when an older couple approached them. Since the park was […]

Once In A Lifetime

They say this is a once in a lifetime moon – the Strawberry Moon falling on Litha. I wonder if such an event has drawn you from the shadows. I wonder if we shared a few moments tonight gazing at her together. So many of these once in a lifetime events have come and gone. […]

Christian Morals And The Stock Markets

Should I become involved with a company that opposes my beliefs, principles, or morals? That’s a question I’ve been pondering for a few weeks now concerning stock investments. As a customer, it’s easy to boycott a company and shop elsewhere. But as an investor, I’m learning that it isn’t always a simple matter of choice. […]

Tidbits Of Insanity

Just some mixed, random things I’ve been thinking about lately. — Fate And Opportunity What if everyone who enters our life is meant to be something? What if we miss that opportunity? The person who we passed by silently in the store isle might have been our best friend, husband, or wife. We’ll never know. […]


It’s known by many names: The Will of God, Providence, Destiny, Karma… It’s that Great River that sweeps us all along to a greater purpose, an end that we do not know with certainty. I’ve been thinking a lot about Fate recently. We like to think that we have some measure of control over our […]

To The First Lady Of My Life

Her life changed at 16 years old. She became a wife, a mother a year later. Since then, she’s been a full-time homemaker for nearly 60 years. She’s my mother. I won’t write about all the sacrifices she’s made in raising me and my siblings. But she has made them. I won’t write about all […]

Young Faces

As I sat in church yesterday, I looked around at all of the young faces around me. Not young in the sense of physical age. Young in the sense of their walk with Christ. Something came over me, piercing my heart with deep feelings, though I cannot really describe those feelings. Sadness, shame, I’m not […]


Earlier today, I published a short rant that included several examples of things that haven’t gone over well with me lately. I’ve since deleted that article because it was just too negative, even downright gripy. It just isn’t the sort of material I wish to publish here. The truth is, I’m really irritated at present […]


Love, relationships, family. Here lately, it seems like everyone is getting girlfriends/boyfriends, getting engaged, getting married, having babies. Yesterday, I watched as dozens and dozens of my friends and family posted photos of themselves with their loved ones on social media. I am truly happy for them. Many of them have beautiful families, and I […]

The Dark Side Of Loyalty

When people speak of character flaws, it’s common to hear about things like gluttony, compulsive spending, or lust. Loyalty isn’t usually among them. But for me, loyalty – or rather, excessive loyalty – has proven to be one of my greatest flaws. You may ask, ‘How can loyalty be a flaw?’ Let’s look at it […]

Moon Child

I’ve often joked about having a ‘woman’ side to my nature, but in reality it isn’t a joke. It isn’t really a woman side, either. In truth, I’m not sure what it is, but after patterning my emotions for many years, it’s clear that it’s connected with the lunar cycle. I know, I’m a scientist, […]

Poe: To the Mime in Us All

I saw in the news this morning that today marks the 171st anniversary of Edgar Allen Poe’s ‘The Raven.’ I understand how and why many people recognize ‘The Raven,’ but it makes me sad. In many ways, the raven has become synonymous with Poe. His name is mentioned, and someone inevitably says, ‘Nevermore!’

Some Thoughts on the Piper-Falwell Defense Argument

“Can I shoot my wife’s assailant?” Dr John Piper suggested that this is the fundamental question at the root of the argument between himself and Dr Jerry Falwell, Jr. concerning Christians’ Biblical rights to defend themselves and their loved ones.

Unfinished Project

Memories have been flooding back to me since I received my new (to me) Canon 550D camera. Getting out my old lenses, cleaning up my filters, refreshing my knowledge of printing, mounting, and matting… It’s like opening a time capsule to find a lot of things that once meant a great deal to me, but […]

Tattered Doll

Evening at the park. I’m sitting here after work in my car, eating a half-warm pizza while looking out over the river. I’m doing fine. At least that’s what I tell myself. Sometimes, my heart doesn’t buy it. I’ve been watching a doll make her way around the park. Long, tangled, blonde hair, it’s obvious […]

Five Dating Questions That Single Guys Think About (That Our Fathers Didn’t)

Every generation has it’s unique challenges in the topic of dating and marriage, and mine is no different. While obviously touching some controversial nerves, these are some very real and challenging questions I face when I meet a new girl I’m interested in, though some of these can inversely apply to single girls, too. In […]

Those Words…

‘I love you! Oh, God forgive me, I do!’ – Mina Murray to Dracula, ‘Bram Stoker’s Dracula’ ‘I love you.’ The words that everyone wants to hear but no one wants to say. I usually try to write articles about what I’ve learned, but this one will be different. I’m going to write about a […]

The difference between men and boys…

…is the price of their toys, or so they say. Well, they’re wrong. I’ve recently spent some time thinking about my own transition from boyhood to manhood, and I’ve tried to pinpoint as nearly as I can the moment when I became a man.


‘I will change the world. I will be great.’ I sit here looking across the plains of eastern Kansas, the place were I was born. I remember my dreams and fantasies of childhood, dreams that I would become a great man, a man who would make his family proud. To me, many of those dreams […]


Something happened the other day that has been weighing on my mind. Every year, I buy my mother a rose vase for Mother’s Day. This year, as I was carrying the vase home after work, two neighbor women were getting into their car. They saw me carrying the flowers, looked down, and smiled. After a […]