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I Know

You no longer suffer with the questions of my intent in your mind. There is now only the taste of excitement and panic. Will you bear your heart to me as I have borne mine to you? Advertisements

When I Saw You…

When I touched your hand… When I heard your laughter… Were you really there? Or did I imagine you?

Why Won’t He Ask Me Out?

I’ve written on this topic before – Girls from mid-20’s to mid-30’s barrage the singles forums daily with the question of why guys aren’t asking them out. It’s a complex problem that involves issues from both genders, but this evening, I’m going to discuss some of the problems with the girls. I’ve been flirting with […]

Whispers Through Time

Perhaps it’s our destiny. Perhaps our comfort must be the small things, The whispers that tell us The other is just on the other side, Through the veil of time or space To cling to the small thought That perhaps – just perhaps – You sat here Perhaps yesterday, or perhaps tomorrow To think that […]

She is…

She is Strength She is Courage She is Beauty She is Cunning She is Daring She is Love She is Protection She is Charm She is Enchantment She is Fantasy She is Compassion She is Dignity She is Jealousy She is Rage She is Possession She is Pride She is Seduction She is Lust She […]

So You’re Interested In An Older Man?

‘Is it wrong to be attracted to much older men?’ Since the beginning of this year, I’ve seen this question asked many dozens of times in the singles forums I frequent. Young women – many of them still teenagers – are coming forward with interest in guys 5, 10, even 20 years older. One 20 […]

Capsule Of Dreams

Time capsules. You know what I’m talking about. Those things in your social media that recall what you said, did, or posted on that day in years past. I see them every day when my friends post them, recalling fun times, past friends, marriages, etc. I rarely post mine. Why? Because more often than not, […]

Girls Q&A: How can a ‘nice girl’ become a desirable woman?

There it is. Breaking the ‘nice girl’ image. This topic came up in one of my discussions a while back, and though I haven’t heard a lot of girls voice it outright, I know it’s a big issue with many. Of course, they could just go out and get laid and get some ‘experience,’ but […]

Would you die for the one you love?

Life and circumstance has stirred something within me, something from my past. No, it isn’t a regret or a phantom as is most often the case. It is a memory. A memory of a dream I had long ago. I have spent so long trying to be a part of a world alien to me. […]

Girls Q&A: Why Won’t He…

… approach me? chase me? pursue me? marry me? These questions are an everyday occurrence in the singles forums where I participate. I’ve answered quite a few of them in the forums, but I’ve come to realize that it’s a lot bigger issue than just in the forums.


Sometimes, I go through times when memories like to revisit me. Often, those memories are unresolved scars from my past, and they usually are not kind. But once in a while, I recall something pleasant that I’ve lost somewhere in the chaos of life. Such was the case this evening. I went out for an […]

Little Mouse

Why do you haunt me this Autumn night? Taking my thoughts, blinding my sight? The day I spent with you has long since died… I spoke to you softly, but you refused me. I showed you the truth, but you would not see. The voices that shelter you condemned you to me. They said you […]

The Fear of Rejection VS the Experience of Rejection

I hadn’t really thought about the distinction between the fear and the actual experience of a girl’s rejection until someone brought it up in a singles discussion. The truth is, they’re both very difficult and very powerful challenges, but they’re very different from each other. I’ve experienced both, so I can give a fairly detailed […]

Girls Q&A: Does playing hard to get work?

I have to admit I have a lot of respect for the girl that asked this question online. Most girls who are inclined to play hard to get don’t question whether it actually works. Rather, they just do it assuming that it does. So does it really work with guys? Well, the answer is both […]

Girls Q&A: What qualities in a girl make her different from the rest?

Earlier today, a girl asked this question on a singles forum, and I decided it would make a good topic for an article. The truth is, it’s a bit of an ironic question. Girls, just like everyone, are unique individuals with a unique blend of qualities that make each one special. That’s sort of the […]

To Live The Life Of Another

This evening as I sat at the park watching the sunset and reflecting upon some things as I often do, I saw something that I’ve seen many times before, something that troubles me. On a bench near where I was sitting, two girls were seated when an older couple approached them. Since the park was […]

When Things Were Simple

Time passes, people move…. Like a river’s flow, it never ends… A childish mind will turn to noble ambition… Young love will become deep affection… The clear water’s surface reflects growth… – Sheik, ‘Ocarina of Time’ I remember when we were still young. Time was young, like a new adventure waiting to be explored. What […]

It’s Like…

… sifting through sand. I sit here tonight under a stormy sky, watching the lightning in the distance and thinking about you. And thinking about my search for you. I have found many good women in the world, but I still search only for you, my gem in a sea of sand. May these storms […]

My I Take Your Order?

Over the years, I’ve spent a great deal of effort learning how to tactfully meet women and interact with them. I’ve joined groups, taken up interesting hobbies, and spent countless hours observing and studying how women communicate in order to interact with them effectively. In many ways, I’ve been successful, as I meet more women […]

Once In A Lifetime

They say this is a once in a lifetime moon – the Strawberry Moon falling on Litha. I wonder if such an event has drawn you from the shadows. I wonder if we shared a few moments tonight gazing at her together. So many of these once in a lifetime events have come and gone. […]

Mad world

Did you know Sharing what your Orc name is or which one of Ollivander’s wands you are on social media will make you more popular than sharing things about your real life? Did you know Being cold and distant from a girl will make her want to date you while opening up and showing genuine […]

Tidbits Of Insanity

Just some mixed, random things I’ve been thinking about lately. — Fate And Opportunity What if everyone who enters our life is meant to be something? What if we miss that opportunity? The person who we passed by silently in the store isle might have been our best friend, husband, or wife. We’ll never know. […]

To The First Lady Of My Life

Her life changed at 16 years old. She became a wife, a mother a year later. Since then, she’s been a full-time homemaker for nearly 60 years. She’s my mother. I won’t write about all the sacrifices she’s made in raising me and my siblings. But she has made them. I won’t write about all […]